Bioengineering of the movement



The term motion analysis is referred to the interpretation of computerized data that documents individuals lower and upper extremities, pelvis, trunk and head motion. This research area, typically conducted with stereophotogrammetric systems, force plate plantar pressure measurement tools and electromyography systems, aims to measure parameters correlated with the patients functional capability that allows to distinguish between normal and abnormal gait. Gait analysis has become a fundamental discipline in the current clinical practice, in monitoring the course of a disease or of a rehabilitation protocol, and in the support for indication of treatments or surgeries. In this context we have developed a three dimensional kinematics model able to measure foot and ankle motion that was able to measure gait alterations in diabetic neuropathic subjects in order to monitor foot injuries that contribute to frequent foot ulceration. The main goals of our research activity are:

  1. developing biomechanical tools which allow a better understanding of the impact of training programs or clinical interventions on people's suffering of diabetes, stroke, rheumatic diseases
  2. developing markerless motion capture software application able to collect data also underwater
  3. developing systems for simultaneous acquisition of motion capture, ground reaction forces and plantar pressure data during gait
  4. developing finite element models of the diabetic foot driven by the gait analysis data for the internal stresses simulation
  5. neuromusculoskeletal modeling of diabetic subjects’ gait.

Bioengineering of Movement Laboratory


A. 6 cameras stereophotogrammetric system (60-120 Hz - BTS S.r.l, Padova),
B. 2 plantar pressure systems (410 x 410 x 0.5 mm, 0.64 cm2  resolution, 150 Hz, Imagortesi, Piacenza),
C. 2 force plates (FP4060-10, Bertec Corporation, USA),
D. Electromyography 8 channels wireless BTS FreeEMG and 16 channels BTS Pocket,
E. Pedobarographic system Pedar-X (256 max sensors, 20K Hz - Novel, DE).